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Play it Forward: Donate unused instruments to students who need them

A flute, violin and guitar may sound like the makings of an ensemble — and they are — but they’re also part of a concerted effort to put instruments in the hands of local children.

St. Elmo creek group seeks input from neighborhood

The bank is gone, but the sinkhole is still there, and so are many creeks in the neighborhood.

BRA-VO! A Fashion Show celebrates life after breast cancer

BRA-VO! A Fashion Show celebrating life after breast cancer took the Track29 stage by storm April 6.

Change-N-Go provides mobile oil change service

It’s been a year and a half since James Chapman found himself doing what a lot of people do — putting off an oil change.

ArtsBuild looks to support artist housing

With a little help from the community, the starving artist could become extinct in Chattanooga. ArtsBuild, a local private, nonprofit united arts fund and arts council, wants to provide artists in Chattanooga with low-income housing.

Sochi Olympian visits local preschool

Shortly after Sochi women’s hockey silver medalist Michelle Picard entered the classroom at Marty’s Center, the preschoolers erupted into a “USA” chant.

Local Toastmasters clubs build public speaking skills

A mayoral candidate running for office in a rural county nearby. A businessman who took on a leadership role in his company. A nurse who recently returned from a trip to Peru.

Penn Station plans more restaurants

Grilled sandwiches, fresh-cut fries and hand-squeezed lemonade are coming to Broad Street this summer.

Spring break summit planned for middle school students

Where you start doesn’t determine where you end.

Planning starts on key tract near Erlanger

Plans for developing a large tract of land adjacent to Erlanger are in the works. An Augusta, Ga., company recently took an option to purchase the tract with the idea of building a mixed-use development.

‘Master Your Garden’ event set for April 12-13

When Sue Henley’s grandson was a toddler, he started helping in the garden. He’d drop seeds during planting and pat down fresh soil. Now, at age 5, he’s an expert.

Two hopefuls seeking District 5 County Commission seat

Editor’s Note: This is one in a series of stories about contested races in the May 6 Hamilton County primary election, for which early voting starts April 16. Check next week’s edition of Metro Weekly to read about District 4’s candidates.

Belvoir Christian serves up new food philosophy

Todd Schremp has had his share of standing ovations, but the applause isn’t a result of his performance on a stage.

Local family shares civil rights experience

Fourteen-year-old Angel Whitehead recently got her first look at a Ku Klux Klan member’s robe and hood.

Chattanooga addresses transit needs

As more people choose to board buses, ride bicycles and use other forms of public transportation, Chattanooga transportation officials have identified key target areas in hopes of transforming the way people can travel in the Scenic City.