Art Happens Here hosts camps, classes and parties


Art Happens Here is Signal’s new spot for art parties, classes and camps. Will, Hailee and Jaiden Sprout, from left, paint at the new business. Photo by Emily Crisman

Signal Mountain has a new spot for all things artsy with the opening of Art Happens Here, which will soon begin holding art-related camps, classes, children’s birthday parties and painting parties for adults.

Co-owners Tracy Sprout and Mardi Leonard both led separate art camps in local community centers last summer, and they decided to open their own space this year to allow for more spontaneity in scheduling.

“We want to offer a lot of flexibility,” said Sprout. “We want to see a need parents have and accommodate that.”

If a group of parents gets together and wants their children to go camp on a particular week, they could probably arrange it at Art Happens Here, she said.

The business is also a great location for mountain residents to host art-related parties for adults or children, without having to worry about gathering supplies or cleaning up the mess, said the owners.

Heres how it works: The host chooses the art project they want to complete with their guests, as well as an open date on the calendar on the business’s website at art-happens-here.com. The host pays by the number of guests they would like to invite, whom Sprout or Leonard will teach to complete the chosen project, and the business owners provide all supplies necessary.

The host can also come to Sprout and Leonard with an idea not on the website, and they said they can most likely make it happen.

“Everyone leaves with an art project instead of a goody bag,” said Sprout.

Art Happens Here differs from most other trendy painting-party businesses popping up all over the country by offering options aside from just painting, they said.

“We’re not going to just stick to painting, because we have broader backgrounds,” said Leonard. “We want to stick to art as a broad umbrella and keep thinking of things that fit under our tent.”

The studio features a counter with mirrors for Leonard to utilize her skills as a makeup artist, opening up options to include glamour and spa days for adults and fairy parties for children, she said.


Art Happens Here is at 440 Timberlinks Drive. The business will hold camp registration May 5 from 9 a.m. to noon. Mardi Leonard can be reached at 488-2887 and Tracy Sprout at 883-1219, or visit art-happens-here.com for more information

While the business lacks a kitchen and therefore cannot provide food, the host can bring their own food and beverages, or Sprout and Leonard can give the client a list of resources.

When school starts in the fall, Art Happens Here, located directly on the school bus line, will also offer after-school programs.

“Because of the I.B. program [at SMHS], if you do music, you can’t do high school art,” said Leonard. “So many kids get bummed out because they have to choose.”

Options for after-school classes and summer camps will be posted on the Art Happens Here website.


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