Color Cloud hammocks help the world while hanging out

When Tianna Buckwalter asks someone to hang out, she means it.

As co-founder of the Color Cloud hammock company, Buckwalter regularly hangs out everywhere from Signal Mountain to the Co.Lab on Main Street in the brightly colored hammocks her company produces.

“Everyone could use a little more joy and relaxation in their life,” she said. “Who can’t benefit from a few minutes in a hammock every day?”


Color Cloud co-founder Tianna Buckwalter hangs out in one of the company’s signature two-color double hammocks on her deck in Chattanooga’s Southside. Made with a simple hooking system and mildew-resistant rope, the hammocks are intended for portable use all over the city or the globe. Sold and finished locally, the hammocks are produced by a family-owned tailor shop in Cambodia.

A longtime lover of hammocks, Buckwalter and her future business partners purchased their first colorful hammocks while working abroad with a humanitarian organization.

At first she said they fell in love with the bright colors, the relaxation the hammocks provided and the conservations they started, but she soon noticed a deeper connection with the hammocks.

“All three of us have spent a lot of time traveling and we didn’t always have a real sense of place,” she said. “So my hammock kind of became a home when I didn’t really have one.”

Her group of friends and humanitarians who loved hammocks spent several years trying to find a business idea that would float, when the concept for Color Cloud was born. In 2010, the company began partnering with a family-owned tailor shop in Cambodia where three women craft each hammock before sending them to Chattanooga where ropes and hooks are attached before being sold online.

“We love that we are able to support a small business in a developing country and accomplish our mission of sharing hammocks,” said Buckwalter. “We really believe in that as a key to economic and personal development.”

The end result of the business that spans the globe is a 2-pound, two-color double hammock made of water-resistant nylon that can hold up to 400 pounds. Also made with mildew-resistant rope and a simple hooking system, the hammocks are designed for portable use.

“Sure you can hang it up at the house, but I love taking it other places,” said Buckwalter. “From a mom in the backyard to a college student who’s traveling abroad, our hammocks fit such a huge variety of people and places.”

And Buckwalter isn’t the only person who likes to take her Color Cloud hammock wherever they go. According to the Color Cloud blog, the hammocks have been hung by dozens of customers on all seven continents.

“For me, the hammocks are really about the stories they create for people,” said Buckwalter. “We love being able to put bright spots in people’s lives that also have a positive impact on the people who make them.”

Color Cloud hammocks are available in 27 different color combinations and can be purchased for $67 on the company’s website.

For more information, visit www.colorcloudhammocks.com.


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