Cambridge Square development moves forward

The much-anticipated Cambridge Square development is soon to become a reality, with completion of the first building slated for late spring or early summer.

“I feel like we’ve given a specific target audience a good chance to come in and learn about the project, and now it’s just full steam ahead,” said spokesman Jim Cheney.

According to Cheney, the development has already secured four letters of intent from restaurants and two more for commercial and office space. He said he was not at liberty to say which businesses are looking to expand into the new development, but he hopes to make that announcement this spring.

“We’re getting a lot of solicitation,” he said at a Feb. 9 meeting for prospective tenants and media. “Today marks the end of a soft launch period. Looking forward, we’re to going to be more aggressive with our outward marketing.”

Developer Barry Payne, with B.P. Construction, said he is currently in the process of completing grading work and hopes to begin building as soon as the weather allows. He said the first building completed will most likely be for office use, but the development as a whole will ultimately include a variety of businesses and services.

“We would love to see a strong medical office presence here, whether that’s a physicians’ group [or groups] or an affiliate of a hospital,” said Cheney.

In addition to medical and office use, Cheney said developers are working to include educational opportunities, upscale shopping and other types of sustainable commercial services.

“We are really trying to program it during the day, and then at night the office employees and local residents will be able to eat dinner, grab a beer or do whatever they want to do in the same area,” he said.


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