Laser Wash offers free vacuuming with car wash

Middle Valley resident Jim Adkinson, co-owner of Laser Wash LLC in Hixson, said he knows in today’s economy many of his customers have less extra cash than they once had. To ease the burden, he and co-owner Steve Bandy of Signal Mountain are now offering free vacuuming to all car wash customers.


Laser Wash LLC co-owner and Middle Valley resident Jim Adkinson now offers free vacuuming for car wash customers.

“We’re doing it as a courtesy to our customers as a thank you, and to get people in there,” said Adkinson, who along with Bandy has owned the car wash for almost nine years.

Laser Wash features five self-serve stations and two touch-free automatic bays.

“We’re one of the only touchless operations in this area,” he said. “The only thing that touches the car is chemicals and water, so you don’t have to worry about damage from brushes or things breaking off.”

Automatic wash options start with the Express wash, which includes a pre-soak, laser wash and spot-free rinse. For a few dollars more, the Deluxe wash adds a clear coat protectant, or customers can go all out with the $7 Ultimate package which features additional services including an undercarriage and side blaster, polishing wax and laser drying. A wash designed especially for dually pickup trucks is available as well.

Laser Wash will continue to offer pay vacuuming to customers who do not want to purchase a car wash, said Adkinson.


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