Ooltewah’s Dr. Marcum writes ‘The Ultimate Prescription’

A cardiologist by career, Ooltewah’s Dr. James L. Marcum, M.D., has saved hundreds of lives. As the author of the recently released “The Ultimate Prescription, What the Medical Profession Isn’t Telling You,” he hopes to save many more.


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“The Ultimate Prescription” is a new book released by author Dr. James L. Marcum, of Ooltewah.

Marcum said he is unable to talk to patients in depth on a regular basis about how to achieve overall health, so he writes books. He tells his patients to read the books in order to achieve a healthy, balanced life.

“The Ultimate Prescription” is his fourth book but is the first one in which he uses a spiritual component to tackle health issues, he said. He will sign copies of his new book at Lifeway Christian Store, at 2200 Hamilton Place Blvd., April 12 from 6-8 p.m.

“Sixty percent of people are overweight and 30 percent are obese,” he said. “One in 80 children are autistic. It seems like people are getting sicker. The book gives readers the power to change.”

Marcum began working at Chattanooga Heart Institute 11 years ago. Having practiced medicine for the last 20 years he said he takes his work to heart by helping people find a healthy lifestyle.

“There’s more to it than exercising and eating healthy,” he said. “We need a spiritual relationship with God. Many people believe it but don’t say it out loud. I want people to be dependent on God to help them achieve their goals.”

He said his new book details that there is a place for medicine and a place for lifestyle, but neither fixes anything permanently.

“There are biblical treatments to change our body’s chemistry,” said Marcum, adding that biblical principles help people avoid heart attacks. “The book shows the reader how days of creation were made to help them. We were made to rest at night, be outdoors in sunlight and eat healthy. And we were designed to connect with our God.

“God can help us to care less about stresses in our life. People want something to believe in and God touched my heart. I used the Bible as my medical textbook when writing the book.”

Marcum is traveling the United States spreading the message of his book.

“I’m one of the few doctors that practices behavioral cardiology,” he said. “I work on behaviors as a treatment for the disease instead of just pills. Some people come to me on 20 medications and within a year they reduce down to five.”


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