‘Three Men and a Coach’ inspire GMVE students to raise funds


Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School male teachers get creative to inspire students to raise money for school technology. The men will perform as “Three Men and a Coach” on the roof of the school Nov. 21 if students raise $8,000 throughout the month of November. From left are fourth-grade teacher Derek Beaty, third-grade teacher Scott Grisar, kindergarten teacher Nick Philpott and physical education coach Drew White. Photo by Katie Ward

Four male teachers are forming the acting team “Three Men and a Coach” to inspire Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School students to raise money for Promethean boards.

“It’s called Three Men and a Coach on a Roof and the students raise money to put them on the roof,” said GMVE Parent Teacher Association fundraiser chair Jill Riley. “The men are fourth-grade teacher Derek Beaty, kindergarten teacher Nick Philpott, third-grade teacher Scott Grisar and coach Drew White. When we raise $8,000, they will be on the roof Nov. 21 all day.”

In the event of rain, the men will be on the roof Nov. 22. Riley said the men will give live announcements, perform the “Macarena,” teach lessons, eat lunch and shoot off silly string, marshmallows and water balloons. Students, teachers and parents will be able to access the fun online at UStream throughout the day. Students that raise $250 will be able to interact with the men from down below.

“It will be silliness mixed with educational stuff,” said Riley. “We will have a secret special guest to be interviewed by the men and the coach. When we raise $10,000 principal Sandra Jerardi will be slimed. When we raise $12,000 a group of third-grade teachers called ‘The Portables’ will perform in a TCAP Idol.”

Riley said Three Men and a Coach and Portables videos are already on YouTube to pump students up to raise funds.

“We raised $14,000 last year,” said GMVE PTA president Mendi Catlett. “We were trying to put Promethean boards in all the classrooms. The boards are $7,000 each. We need five more to have one in each classroom.”

Catlett said Ganns Middle Valley Elementary tries to do crazy stuff to get students excited about learning and raising funds. She said each child that raises $25 will receive a Three Men and a Coach T-shirt. Another incentive will be for every dollar donated, parents will receive a chance to win the first four spots in the car rider line. Twelve total parents will win.

“We are trying to think of creative ways to raise money,” said Catlett. “We wanted something different to do.”

Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School enrolls 565 students in grades K-5.

“Everything we do is for the kids,” said coach Drew White, of the Three Men and a Coach skit.


To donate funds, contact Ganns Middle Valley Elementary, 1609 Thrasher Pike in Hixson, at 843-4700.


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