City begins work on Shallowford roundabout

Drivers using the intersection of Shallowford and Jenkins roads can expect delays in the coming weeks as the city of Chattanooga begins two construction projects in that area.

Cleaning and utility preparation work has already begun on a new roundabout that will be built at the intersection, said assistant city engineer Dennis Malone. Drivers may not see road closure for several more weeks, but the south leg of Shallowford Road and the east leg of Jenkins Road will be temporarily closed during the construction project, he said.

“People need to understand there is going to be traffic and it is going to be backed up,” he said.

With no real cut-through roads, there will be routing issues since drivers will be required to take “the long way around” during the 195 days Talley Construction has to complete the project, said Malone.

An accelerated schedule has been completed that could speed up construction during the week of Oct. 17-21 while Grace Academy and Hamilton County schools are on fall break, assuming the weather permits, Malone said.

Ultimately, the completed roundabout is expected to move traffic more efficiently through the intersection, cut down confrontation points where accidents can occur and ensure that when accidents do occur they are more likely to be side swipes than serious collisions, said Malone.

The second component drivers need to be aware of is the closure of Shallowford Road between Murray Lane and Peterson Drive as part of the state-funded Shallowford Road widening project. In order to complete the road widening, sewers along that stretch of Shallowford will need to be moved, said Malone.

A contract for the relocation of the sewers between Murray Lane and Peterson Drive was awarded last week and road closures for that project will be seen in the coming month, said Malone.


What happened to the: "Video: Roundabout on Chattanooga's Shallowford Road now scheduled to finish in March" link. You have 28 days to meet this deadline and I would safely bet a 50% property tax increase that this won't happen. The next time the City awards Talley Constructiona project they should do it in 10 foot sections - this whole process has been a joke. In future publications it would b helpfull if you wuld place the year after the month so we could get a better idea of how long this project will take. EXAMPLE = "Video: Roundabout on Chattanooga's Shallowford Road now scheduled to finish in March 2014"

I am sick of it...