BPS remains on top in state testing

For the fourth year in a row, faculty and students at Battlefield Primary School are celebrating a victory in the Statewide Accountability System for outstanding student achievement.

“Winning this award four years in a row validates that the hard work our teachers and students do in classrooms every day is paying off in student achievement,” said BPS principal Sandy Boyles. “I believe that the most important goal for our school is to provide every student with strong academic skills that they can use to build on in later grades. When we are recognized as being one of the best in Georgia, I know that we are meeting that goal."

After a lot of hard work and making it through the testing season, BPS is the recipient of the Gold Award in the SSAS.

“This award is based on state test scores for 08-09 (CRCT) 2,” explained teacher Trisha Frazier. “It recognizes BPS as being one of the top schools in the state for student achievement, and it means that at BPS we strive to help our kids succeed. Our goal is to help them learn all that they can.”

In order to get this award, a school must meet set criteria. It must make AYP for two consecutive years, have at least 30 percent of students who exceed standards in all test areas and have at least 97 percent of students meet or exceed standards on state tests.

“The state tests are given to every first- and second-grader in the spring,” Frazier said. “The tests measure how well each student has mastered the state standards in reading, language arts and math for his or her specific grade. We work on standards all year long.”

To reward their hard work, students and teachers joined in an afternoon celebration of cheers, songs and dance during a school-wide assembly. A few “celebrities” even showed up to help congratulate the group.


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