Jeff Rawiszer turns full-time love into part-time career


Jeff Rawiszer turns his love for music into a part-time career. Contributed photo

Hixson resident Jeff Rawiszer’s job isn’t the typical song and dance. As a part-time DJ, he is in the business of making memories through music.

“I play the songs you think a DJ would play but I will also play a lot of things other DJs don’t play because I’ve been doing it for 28 years and have seen what works,” he said.

One of the most memorable events in a person’s life is arguably their wedding day. Mr. Rawiszer said ending it on a high note with a dance-filled reception makes it even more so.

“People spend inordinate amounts (of money) on a photographer and their pictures, but who has more of an effect on whether the guests have a good time,” he asked. “Every reception I do I want people to leave that and still be talking about it 10 years from now and how much fun they had.”

After 28 years of turning his personal full-time love for music into a part-time job, Mr. Rawiszer said he still has fun and uses his experience along with more than 20,000 radio-edited songs to ensure that guests do too.

Mr. Rawiszer has developed a set which takes guests all the way from legendary favorites like Nat King Cole’s repertoire to well-known classics like “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang to modern movers like Lil Jon’s “Get Down.”


Jeff Rawiszer can be booked or contacted by visiting here or by calling 362-6720.

He pairs the music with a light show that enhances the atmosphere without making everyone feel like they’re in a club.

“Building a set, reading the crowd, there’s a lot more to being a DJ than hooking speakers up to your iPod,” he said. “Some of the people who normally don’t get to dance at weddings, the grandmothers who usually wait until the cake is cut and leave, can get up and dance (during my set).”

With a career spanning the high school dances of his youth to the wedding of a popular Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter, Mr. Rawiszer has gotten countless people on their feet.

He got his start at the skating rink while still a student at Hixson Junior High and was playing for his peers at every football game in the area by the time he was 16.

He now spends about half his weekends doing weddings or other special events, such as holiday parties, when he’s not working as a nurse recruiter, studying or taking classes for his own nursing degree from Chattanooga State.

Those interested in a date can check the availability on his Web site and even lay out a play list. However, he added that 75 percent of the upcoming year’s weddings will be booked in January and February.

Booking Mr. Rawiszer to do a reception means less hassle for the clients, according to him. He meets with clients beforehand to establish a timeline for toasts and other announcements.

“It takes a lot of headaches away,” he said, referencing his sound system and wireless microphones. “I do put a lot of time into planning it so you know it will be exactly like you see in your head. I keep the party moving along.”


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